Cango Week 2 Video Analysis by Team a

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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CanGo Video Analysis- Week 2
The Innovative A’s Consulting Group is glad to run our analysis on your company’s operational process. Your company has done tremendous progress and indeed it is a recommendable success as it started out small and grew to be one of the leading businesses in the industry. In our analysis over the past two weeks, we observed that, if planned well, CanGo has a promising future ahead. Our team came up with certain issues being faced by your company, which we assume, if not resolved, can cause a problem in the long run for CanGo to be more successful. Your company has been lucky over the past few years, but in our evaluation, we concluded that CanGo’s future needs a great deal of strategic planning. By carefully viewing your company’s videos for the past two weeks, our team came up with 6 major issues being faced by CanGo. Each member of a our team has worked on how to make CanGo’s future a promising one, and we promise if CanGo resolves the following issues, it will have a head start to a long term success in the future:

1)Company Goals and Objectives Prioritization:
For a company to be successful, it is very important for all its employees to be on the same page. We observed that CanGo is driven towards its goals but there is no unity among its employees. Although it appears that they may have identified all or most of the objectives, they fail to coordinate and prioritize them in a functional sequence required to accomplish goals and milestones effectively. During a recent team meeting, some of the tasks were identified to team members but the lack of priority was overlooked. A project of this size and technical in nature requires better organization and prioritization of objectives or deadlines and costly oversights will occur. Failing to prioritize objectives can affect the quality of work by team resources by focusing efforts on completing the wrong goal. Information Technology and Project management software would reduce the risk of cost over runs, missed deadlines, and resource disorganization. The company needs to schedule tasks and objectives in a functional sequence, detail deadlines and milestones, and track all aspect of the project to successfully accomplishing their goals.

2)Mission Statement, Vision Statement & Purpose:
A company is incomplete without having a certain Mission and a Vision Statement. A well-defined mission and vision is the backbone of any company. Can-Go’s purpose is to provide an inclusive service to entertainment needs via books, CDs, DVDs, and its newly developed prospect online gaming. There seems to be no set direction for the employees to head towards. We noticed that for CanGo to reach its goals, it needs a very well established purpose so that every employee including the CEO is motivated to work towards that purpose. When Ms. Elizabeth started her company she did not have any idea of what she wanted to achieve for her company or where she wanted to see her company standing in the next ten years. That is why we suggest that for CanGo to enter a new market of online gaming, Elizabeth and her employees need to know their company’s mission, vision ad their purpose to reach get their online gaming idea to be successful.

3) Organization
CanGo’s main focus should be on organization. In the video some CanGo employees are having trouble adjusting to increased responsibility or reaching the level of organization required to thrive as a larger business. We recommend that CanGo should use a competency development model. All businesses are based on some key competencies. If any business neglects employee competency and its development, all growth and productivity of an employee, company and profits will be affected. The main reason for an organization to create a competency-based system is that it focuses on having the right people with right skills at the right time. We see that the team needs to decide on the order in which they are going to...
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