Cango Week 1 & 2 Analysis Report

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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Team Video Analysis Report
Week 1 and Week 2

DeVry University

Video Notes Week 1

1st Issue:
Liz the CEO of CanGo company has been selected the Business Leader of the Year. However, she is not prepared to discuss how her company accomplished all this success because she doesn’t have a strategic plan in place. She is somewhat nervous about how she will prepare a speech about a plan that she doesn’t have in place.

Liz should think back about the company’s history and their accomplishments in order to help her prepare for the speech. She should also focus on any changes that have been made within the company that would reflect success and achievements. Liz may need to seek help from her management team to get their thoughts and insight in preparing her speech.

2nd Issue:
Liz presented a speech at the business event that was very disappointing to her Maria, the Director of Human Resources. She didn’t understand how she could deliver a speech that ended with her talking about a rat and cheese that related to her strategic plan. Liz seemed to be proud of the fact that she got by with the information that she presented. Maria tried to convince her of how it needs to be changed. Liz was aware of how many opportunities that has been missed because of poor planning.

Liz should take the time to do more planning. She should take the time to constructively evaluate her company’s strengths and weaknesses and their long term and short term goals if any have been set and if they have reached them.

3rd Issue:
The CanGo team does not seem to have a strategic mind set at all. They don’t seem motivated by the new idea of an online gaming system. There was minimal input given as to how the staff members think that it will work out. The team is unsure if they will be able to make money, which is the reason some are not on board with his vision. Afterwards, two of the employees discussed how they really...
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