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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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September 14, 2012

BUSN460 Senior Project

Professor Aldana

Team C “Consultare”

Team Video Analysis Report

Team Members:
Bantolo, Pierre
Crawford, Jallandria
Gleghorn, Brandon
Kaur, Mandeep
Williams, Barb

Issues In CanGo Company

1. Planning-
a. Establish a strategic management plan with the goal of becoming more competitive in the market.

* Create a vision and mission statement for the company
* Perform a SWOT analysis on the competitor(s) who are successful and a threat. * Set short term goals
* Set long tern goals
* Create an overall plan.
* Implement
* Evaluate
* Revise

2. Preparation-
b. The speech Liz gave to the Hudson Valley Business Association was not organized.

* Although Liz did not have a plan for CanGo initially she must realize what made the company successful and perfect that. * Liz need to effectively communicate her success but more importantly communicate how she plans to continue her success

3. Communication-
a. Communication within the company is very poor and lacks substance. At this point meetings are a waste of time and money. The end result of meetings is non effective.

* Before a meeting is conducted an agenda should be created and provided to all participants. This also provides the participants a chance to think about the upcoming meeting and helps prepare brainstorming ahead of time so that the meeting will be more organized and have a flow to it.

4. Prioritization-
a. Nick has the inability to prioritize tasks and he is all over the place with his work

* Research the use and purpose of a Gant Chart
* Ask for some assistance in creating a Gant Chart
* Understand how to adjust the chart to circumstance

5. Time Management-
c. Currently the members don’t use time management and have no regard for each other’s...
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