Cango Analysis

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  • Published : July 31, 2009
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|Cango | |Analysis Report | |Individual | | | |Gurleen | |7/20/2009 |

|This document contains analysis of week 1 videos. |


My initial observation is that CanGo started with very few people and has now reached very far. Liz gets a call from Julian (the President of Hudson Valley Company) that she has been nominated as the Business leader of the year and she will be expected to deliver a speech in the next association meeting of CanGo’s success. Liz is very proud of her business and the fact she has received the attention of Hudson Valley Business association. Now she had to prepare speech for the ceremony, but she doesn’t know where to start. While preparing the speech she gets frustrated at the task of explaining how CanGo became a success. She just gives up on the idea of preparing a speech.


Strengths: CanGo views their products from their customer’s perspective. I think this strategy is really good because placing yourself in the shoes of a consumer will help you with likes and dislikes of different consumers and in turn which will give you better...
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