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CanGo Company

CanGo Company Issues
A comprehensive assessment was conducted for the CanGo Company, and the objective was to unearth the causation factors for their operational issues. In the initial phase of the evaluation, it was quite evident that the root cause of their difficulties was a direct consequence of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whose ambition for the company was distorted. Consequently, their mission and vision was not clearly defined, which shaped a company’s culture of organized chaos. This deficiency positioned the CanGo Company in a reactionary environment, instead of navigating a path of continual stability and progression. In the final analysis, it was apparent that the fundamental organizational blueprint of a successful business was displaced. The following 6 performance hiccups were annotated and recommendations have been made, to provide a compass, which will impact successful business growth but require immediate redress.

1. CanGo Company lacks direction.
2. Flawed entrepreneurial leadership and interpersonal communication. 3. Decisions are made without first rationalizing and justifying the expenses. 4. Marketing and Research is non-existent.

5. Company assets and resources are mishandled creating a high risk factor. 6. The company culture and under laying HR issues need to be addressed.

Recommendations to correct deficiencies
1. CanGo Company lacks direction. The Chief Executive Officer; Elizabeth, was asked to prepare an acceptance speech as a result of being selected business leader of the year. This honor is symbolic of distinguishing a lucrative business. The acknowledgment of the invitation was associated with the obligation of discussing the success of building, and structuring her successful company; CanGo. Elizabeth’s response to satisfying the request was uncertainty, because she realized that she did not cultivate that initial and essential element of a business model; drafting a Mission, Vision, and Value statement. This assumption was quite obvious when she attributed the company’s success to luck, instead of strategic planning.

According to Hawthorne (n.d.) from Small Business Chronicles, strategic planning is articulated through the mission and vision statements which can sometimes demand change. This declaration was augmented by clarifying the specifics of the assertion. A vision statement communicates the company’s goal at the highest level, and a mission statement clarifies measurable objectives. The values statement is the locally accepted principles that are responsible for materializing the company’s culture and beliefs alleged Norman (n.d.) from Small Business Chronicles. Although this requirement is not unblemished, it provides the business owner with a point of reference to determine if the plan supports the goal of the company.

When employees are convinced that they are instrumental in fashioning the company’s goals, they are more likely to remain motivated; resulting in higher levels of productivity affirmed Hawthorne (n.d.). Based on this information provided, it is then reasonable to assume that there is an eminent collision looming between leadership and staff because there are no clearly defined goals and objectives, which can potentially annihilate a successful company. One of the primary reasons that some businesses fail is due to the fact they experience unexpected growth similar as CanGo, and because there was no contingency plan or preparation for the expansion, the company falters in maintaining that success asserted Longley (2013) from Small Business Administration. This observation also collaborates with the discoveries during the evaluation of the company. Elizabeth was ignoring the concerns of her staff, while they attempted to find solutions to an improperly planned project, and unpleasant job relational issues.

The first recommendation for Elizabeth to correct this deficiency is to draft a business...
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