Candys Analysis

Topics: Character Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: February 9, 2009
Candy’s Analysis Candy Marshall is the main character of the novel, even though the plot actually has little to do with her. She is the main character because Beau Boutan's murder takes place on her plantation in Mathu's yard. Candy is a very strong woman and fights for what’s right. In this novel candy is very protective and shows it more and more as the story goes on. Another example is when the old men go into the house to talk and don’t invite candy in. because she that she will “evict them”. Her threats demonstrate that Candy still looks over the plantation as if she owns its residents. Candy wants to protect "her" people, but refuses to let them protect themselves. Also this protection can be bad because the men want to demonstrate their bravery as men, but Candy wants them to stand and do nothing but to say they killed him. Another adjective that describes Candy is affectionate. Because at the end of the book, she grabs onto Lou Dimes’ hand in a gesture of affection. Lou has asked Candy to marry him, but she has never given him an answer. But with that hand grab she is suggesting that she will accept and commit to him. Also miss merle and candy’s relationship merle is like a mother to candy that’s why she lies to her in chapter 3 in beau Boutan’s death. Therefore Candy longed to protect Mathu throughout the book, but actually reinforced her position as a superior white by doing so. Candy's willingness to let the old men do that last stand of bravery was good for herself. Also this made her a key character in the book because she had a lot of things going on.
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