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MAY 2011




International marketing report

MAY 2011


Executive Summary
Candyking is the biggest retailer of pick & mix candy in the world. Candyking’s basic idea is to let the consumer put together his own candy bag according to need, occasion and taste. Their assortment is of the highest quality and contains select favorites from the different suppliers. Candyking is a very strong brand so they can offer grocery retailers, amusement parks, service stations and cinemas a package solution. Candyking’s founder, Christer Forsman, was Swedish and he came up with the idea to try manual candy sales in 1980-1981. The sales went really well and in 1984 the pick & mix candy sales started in a store in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Since the sales went so well in Sweden and also later in England, Norway and Finland we would like to trade this product with Germany though it’s the second country, after Sweden, where you eat the most candy.

Despite the fact that the German government puts a strong emphasis on the consumer’s protection and the numerous campaigns of fitness and health programs of magazines and also fitness companies, the German sweets consumption is very high and still rising. No matter which family constellation, social group or nationality the different people belong to, they all love sweets. Consumption habits do not differ among the various consumption opportunities, i.e. the German population consumes sweets in families, in groups, alone in front of the PC, at home, outdoors, etc. As a consequence, the business opportunities for any kinds of sweets are immense within the German market as long as the European and German requirements are fulfilled and as long as the expanding companies keep the competition in mind.


International marketing...
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