Topics: Heroin, Drug addiction, Addiction Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Jessica Hillsbery
Period 1
Addiction. This is one of the problems most people in our world face today, whether it is to drugs or alcohol. The novel “Candy” written by Kevin Brooks had raised a few questions about addiction. What are the reasons people give in addiction and what kind of changes come with living in an addicted lifestyle.

In the novel Candy is a 16 year old girl who started out living a normal life in London. She was pretty, popular, and had a family that was very well off. But after one rumor about her got around her entire life changed. She lost all her friends and instead of being seen as pretty she was seen as grotesque. She became desperate for the social stability she had. So she turned to using heroin. Candy, like a lot of teenage girls today, had self esteem issues. She didn’t like the ways here peers view her so she completely changed he lifestyle, falling straight into addiction, to get back the approval of her peers. This is one of the main reason why teens, especially teen girls, turn to drugs and alcohol. They strive to be noticed by all those around them, so they turn to drastic measures to get them the recognition they think they need.

This drastic measure however, can lead to major lifestyle changes that teens are not expecting. Candy for example, after not being able to afford her expensive drug addiction, turn to prostitution. This is one of the major lifestyles most addicts turn to. Most addicts go from living a comfortable, easy life (before addiction) to abusive, unhappy life because of addiction. Another major lifestyle that most addicts succumb to is not just using drugs, but also selling them. This is one of the most dangerous changes someone can make in their life. Because not only do you have to battle your addiction and deal with the obvious cop issue that comes with dealing illegal substances, but you also have to deal with other dealers that mean to do you physical harm.

Addiction is not a joke....
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