Candlelight Ceremony

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Candlelight Ceremony
“Darkness cannot drive darkness only light can do that…” Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the ceremony of candlelight .It’s not the candle that gives splendor or meaning. It’s the light (burning of light) of the candle that gives significance to this momentous event of “SENIORS NIGHT”.

Seniors, the light of the candle symbolizes WISDOM and HOPE.
The light of wisdom dispels the darkness of ignorance. Ignorance is like ‘darkness’ of mind. The light of hope is visible reminders of our triumph over darkness.
The spark of burning candle light ups the path to a new direction, if not, but doing what is best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment because life is a constant change and nothing stays the same.(as song goes by Jose Mari Chan)

In life we come across trials .To conquer it, each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light. According to Oprah Winfred….”Let your light shine. Shine within, so you can shine on someone else.”As we let our own light shine, we, unconsciously give other people permission to do the same and it make a chain of difference. That makes you a catalyst of change in lighting up and bringing hope to the life of others.

My dear seniors, the knowledge you learned from school help you land a better future. Since, education is one of the most valuable possessions that one must acquire now a day. So value your studies don’t lose hope. If you got failing grades, maybe it’s late but not yet to late….I Challenge you!!Pick up yourself! Stand up! Light your candle. There is always a room for change… a first timer for those who wanted change.

The light of the candle also remind us the Jesus is the light of the world that comes into darkness of our lives to bring newness in life and hope. All you have to do is accept and light the candle that has given to you.
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