Candle Making

Topics: Candle, Paraffin, Wax Pages: 2 (470 words) Published: March 1, 2012
A candle is a molded piece of paraffin wax, tallow, or other fatty substance, usually cylindrical in shape, with a wick running through it. The encased wick burns slowly, giving light, fragrance, and proving decoration.

Nowadays, people use candles in many ways. Some use candles for their daily prayers and meditations. Other uses candles as gifts for occasions like birthdays and weddings. On the other hand, candles can be used for decorative and collection purposes. Because of these reasons, establishment of a candle manufacturing plant is therefore encouraged to produce candles at reasonable prices, which eventually leads to profit maximization, as well as , provide assistance to the government in uplifting and maintaining economic stability.

Project Highlights:

Name of the Project:
The researchers decided to name the firm scented candles, taken from the names of the owners & researchers, Domingo “Dodz” L. Domingo and Samuel “Sam” C. Ricamora. Location:
The proposed project will be located within the vicinity of Palompon, Leyte, specifically, within the junction of Brgy. Sabang and Brgy. San Juan Palompon, Leyte. Brief Description of the Project:

The firm proposed by the researchers in the vicinity of Palompon, Leyte is a mini-manufacturing plant where new and different style, shapes, sizes and fragrance of candles will be produced.

1. More women nowadays love to collect candles because of its new designs, styles and its fresh new scents. 2. Filipinos are very religious. Because of this, candles are being used for different religious and social activities such as weddings, burials, baptisms, daily prayers, birthdays, and thanksgiving parties. 3. From the study conducted, it has been found out that 80.5 % of the 400 respondents in Palompon, Leyte wanted to have a candle manufacturing firm in the vicinity. 4. Based on the information gathered, it is assumed that the firm which is to be established on...
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