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By | November 2012
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Submitted by:
Winnie Kayt Canilao
Submitted to:
Mrs.Rita F.Manuel

* Topic:
Classroom Problem
* Title:
Quietly Inactive Students
* Introduction:
Students in elementary grades don’t often fall asleep in class, but they do.It can be a distraction to the teacher and to us,students.Sleeping in class can also signify another problem that warrants your attention.These problems in elementary students are acceptable,but not for us,highschool students.In our age now,we should be responsible in our doings.Because at these time,we,highschool students,were well developed after elementary level.We should know what is wrong and what is right.Sleeping while class is going on,is not a good habit.But there are so many causes why this happened.Knowing why a student fall asleep will help us to figure out how to respond and how to deal with this kind of problem as a medical concern,an emotional difficulty,a motivational problem,or disciplinary issue.There are things that we can do to get the attention of the sleeping students;like, making the lessons more easier to be understood by us,and making some energizers before starting class.

* Relevance:
Sleeping in cless really happens in our life today,specially to us highschool students.Students feel sleepy when the subjet is borig,like Filipino and A.Pan,specially when this subjcts belongs to afternoon session.Like me,I admit that in A.Pan and in Filipino time I feel so sleepy because there are no energizers done before or during disscussion.Because of restlessness or feeling sleepy its hard for me to catch up important data from the disscussion.

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