Candium Lab

Topics: Isotope, Chemical element, Atom Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: September 28, 2012
Candium Lab Report
Chemistry Block H
Mr. Neil Chipman
Calculating the Atomic Mass for Different Candium Isotopes Objective:
In this experiment I will be discovering the atomic weight of Candium isotopes. By doing this experiment, it helps us to know how to calculate the relative abundance and atomic mass of each Candium isotopes without having to use the spectrometer. This lab will achieve my understanding of isotopes and why it has different masses but same number of protons due to different numbers of neutrons in the nuclei. From this lab, I expect that we will be able to separate the candy, and be able to find the atomic mass by weighing the candy and finding the mass of it. Procedure:

The materials needed for this experiment include: 3 different types of candies (M&Ms, Mentos, and My Mint), paper and pencil for recording data, and a digital balance in grams. The following discussions will be showing the steps for the procedure. The first step is to sort the 3 different types of candies (atoms) into 3 different isotopes. Secondly, we have to count all the atoms of each isotope and record the numbers in the data table. Thirdly, we have to weigh the 3 different types of isotopes on the balance then record the numbers in grams in the data table to find the mass of each atoms. The fourth step is to find the average mass of one atom for each isotope by dividing the total mass of each isotope by the total number of atoms for each isotope, then record the data on the table. The fifth step is to find the relative abundance of each isotope by dividing the number of atoms of each isotope by the total number of atoms in the sample. The sixth step is to find the relative mass of each isotope by multiplying the relative abundance for each isotope by the average mass for each isotope. The seventh step is to determine the weighted average atomic mass of Candium by adding the relative masses for each isotope. Lastly, once all the groups have recorded...
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