Candide in El Dorado

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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The Meaning of El Dorado and its contrast with the rest of the world: El Dorado appears to be the perfect utopia, for others it represents an unrealistic place to live. For Voltaire this world meant his entire desire and dream about the perfect society. Many critics note that El Dorado is only a huge extravaganza because it consisted of contradictory statements. The meaning of El Dorado is a vision of the perfect society and represents a false paradise impossible to attain or approach by the destructive human nature. El Dorado contrasts with the rest of the world because at the time Candide was written by Voltaire He lived in one important periods of the humanity, “The enlightenment”. Around him, he saw many injustices perpetrated by the principle institutions that lead the society at that time. The own desire of Candide to leave El Dorado was imposed by something that he knew; In El Dorado, everybody seems to be equal and a fortune in El Dorado means nothing compare to a fortune in the world where they came from. Furthermore, he needed to recover Miss Cunegonde. The superiority and the economic power that he will gain with the fortune from El Dorado will help him to get her back.

Some aspects of El Dorado appear very attractive. The deistic religion that the old man describes, the obvious economic supremacy, the egalitarian practices of the king and the absence of public encounters seem to be the perfect society to emulate. El Dorado is the perfect society for Voltaire but the real thrust is that a perfect society like El Dorado is really hard to attain. The excessive exaggeration that Voltaire expresses in Candide makes some critics to think. Why if Candide always looked for the perfect world describes by his mentor Pangloss him and his servant didn’t remain in El Dorado. The answer described for many is that the Perfect Utopia lack of the reality. Shanley and Stillman point out that Voltaire makes constant use of exaggeration to suggest the excess of El...
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