Candidate for Class President

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Morgan 4B English Speech

Why Am I The Best Candidate For Class President?

Hello , I am a 14 year old that is in the 9th grade . I love to participate in different activities . In life I want to be a dentist . Its okay to have fun and play around but at the same time I have to think about my career and what I want to be in life . I am here today to tell you why I am the best candidate to be class president .

I promise if you vote for me all your wishes will come true during your years in high school . You have to promise me one thing THAT THEIR WILL ABSOLUTLY NO FIGHTING , NO SKIPPING CLASS , AND WE MUST MAKE AYP ! If we as a class are able to reach those goals . Then we will have dress drown day every Friday . A dance with at least 2 bands every month . We will have more field trips and a lot of fun activities . To be able to participate in these activities you MUST have a 2.0 or higher . That tells me that at least you have been trying . Class of 2014 will be the best class of your high school years if you vote for me !

I would like to thank all of you for taking out the time to listen to my speech today . Remember if you vote for me your wishes will come true during your high school years . You have to meet the requirements if we don’t then these years will be the most boring years in your life , and that’s a promise . Once again thank you for your support ! Vote for Me
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