Cancer Prevention

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Steps in Cancer Prevention
Sherri Joiner
Farrah Hilton

Steps in Cancer Prevention
Cancer Preventions
“Cancer” is a word that no one wants to hear when presenting to a doctor’s office or as a diagnosis for any family members. It is not one disease, but many diseases that affect many Americans each day. It is non-discriminatory and can affect anyone from infants to adults. According to “The National Cancer Institute” (n.d.), there will be an estimated 1,638,910 newly diagnosed cases of cancer and 577,190 deaths from cancer in the 2012 (Cancer Statistics). ( These numbers, although estimates only, are alarming. Considering these numbers, one might ask themselves if there is any one thing that can be done to help in the prevention of cancer. Studies suggest that there are several actions a person can take in helping to prevent cancer. Eating a healthy diet, incorporating physical activity and exercise into a daily routine, and limiting alcohol use can help aid in the prevention of cancer.

The words “eat a healthy diet” are often heard in today’s society. The biggest reasoning behind these words would be to maintain a healthy weight so that people may live longer and help prevent the risks of disease. According to some studies, there are certain foods that contribute to certain diseases. More and more we are hearing about foods that can contribute to different types of cancer. According to the “AICR’s Foods That Fight Cancer” (n.d.), “In laboratory studies, many individual minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals demonstrate anti-cancer effects. Yet evidence suggests it is the synergy of compounds working together in the overall diet that offers the strongest cancer protection” (para. 2). ( The type of foods that help in the prevention of cancer can be found on the routine shopping...
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