Cancer of the Flesh

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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More than a year ago, Get Real Philippines raised the indestructible issue of pornography and its increasing popularity though illegal. Statistics that this illegal craze has been generating over a billion dollars, or nearly 60 million pesos, for the past years were presented and surprisingly said that Philippines now ranks eighth in the local porn black market in the world. They also reported that the Optical Media Board (OBM) confiscates hundreds of thousands of bogus VCDs and DVDs monthly. Four years ago, the OMB has confiscated 4,807,012 CDs costing P1.4 billion. Is this what the largest Catholic country is all about? A black market of immoral pleasures?

Statistics show that 30% of all Internet traffic involves porn; having nearly 100 million page visits daily. Porn is inexorable. It is not just a widespread but it is now a disease, a disease worse than cancer: it is incurable. Nothing is good about pornography, especially when it involves supposedly morally upright Filipino citizens. It is a mere craze where women lustfully show off what they have for a bundle of cash and that alone – no pride nor self-worth. It is the bender of morality and the eraser of human values. It is, though not direct, the root of sexual harassment, prostitution, sex addicts, premarital sex and teenage pregnancy. In the Philippines, 9 women are being raped daily and prostitution is alive in almost every city. 70% of Filipino boys, minors, even up to aged men and worse, even women of today are into porn! Do you think it is still probable to end? From corruption to poverty to rising crime rates and now to pornography, the government seems to be a weak umbrella against a thunderstorm – without anything to say, with actions too little for the humongous dilemma and solutions that show no result. There are laws, laws against pornography: laws for the common good. But are they properly promulgated? Are they even strictly enforced? Of course not. Pornography is...
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