Cancer Alternative Treatments

Topics: Cancer, Oncology, Chemotherapy Pages: 9 (3481 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Kristine Thomas
Professor Lee
Bio 120-171
November 25, 2012

“Alternative cancer treatments”

Is radiation therapy and chemotherapy the best resources out for the fight against cancer?”

Cancer has been around for most of human history. Evidence of cancer has been discovered in fossilized bone tumors, as well as in human mummies from ancient Egypt. Western medicine has made great discoveries toward cancer treatment, but I often wonder are there more efficient and more effective treatment options out there. In America most cancer patients undergo chemotherapy or radiation for the treatment of cancer. Although the FDA approves these treatments for the battle against cancer some people may argue that these procedures cause more harm than good. Through some investigation I have found that the vitamin B12 holds some major cancer fighting agents and has had great success stories in other countries but America’s FDA refuses to approve such medical practices. Are there alternative cancer treatments out there and do we have more options against the fight of cancer than we are led to believe? Let us first discuss the most widely used cancer treatments in America which are known as radiation and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy uses gamma rays that are a known cancer causing agents and chemotherapy which was first developed as a U.S. Army poison gas program during World War II. Not sure what gamma rays are? Gamma rays are the most dangerous form of radiation emitted by a nuclear explosion because of the difficulty in shielding them. This is because gamma rays have the shortest wavelength of all waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, and therefore have the greatest ability to penetrate through any gap, even a subatomic one, in what might otherwise be an effective shield. Gamma-rays are not stopped by the skin. They can induce DNA alteration by interfering with the genetic material of the cell. DNA double-strand breaks are generally accepted to be the most biologically significant lesion by which ionizing radiation causes cancer and hereditary disease. A study done on Russian nuclear workers exposed to external whole-body gamma radiation at high cumulative doses shows the link between radiation exposure and death from leukemia, lung, liver, skeletal and other solid cancers. Alongside radiation, gamma-rays also produce thermal burn injuries and induce an immunosuppressive effect. Radiation is very harmful in many ways. Radiation spreads the cancer and weakens the patient's resistance to other diseases. There are some serious and painful side-effects, including heart failure. There is no evidence that treated patients live any longer, on the average, than those not treated. Statistical rate of long-term survival after metastasis is close to zero

One of the side effects of chemotherapy is, ironically, cancer. Chemotherapy drugs are extremely toxic to the human body, and they are readily absorbed through the skin. A story published in 2010 in the Seattle Times reports the story of Sue Crump, a veteran pharmacist of two decades who spent much of her time dispensing chemotherapy drugs. Dr. Crump died of pancreatic cancer, and one of her dying wishes was that the truth would be told about how her on-the-job exposure to chemotherapy chemicals contributed to her own cancer. As the Seattle Times reports, "A just-completed study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 10 years in the making and the largest to date confirms that chemo continues to contaminate the work spaces where it's used and in some cases is still being found in the urine of those who handle it" Adams, Mike. "Pharmacists give themselves cancer from dispensing toxic chemotherapy chemicals." Natural News.Com. N.P., 13 2010. Web. 25 Nov 2012. The Chemotherapy Handbook lists sixteen OSHA safety procedures for medical personnel who work around these drugs. Studies conducted from around the...
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