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Barangay Baras is among urban barangays of Canaman. It is situated on the easternmost and highest part of the municipality and is located on the east of Dinaga. Baras is composed of seven (7) purok or zones. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Magarao, on the east by the city of Naga, on the south by barangay San Agustin and on the northwest by Sta. Cruz. Together with barangay San Agustin and Haring, it is located along the Philippine National Highway. In the 2007 census, it had a population of 2,311.It has an aggregate area of 174 hectares or 4% of the total land area of the municipality. Based from the 2009 Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) survey results, Baras has 616 households with a total population of 2,579 or an average household size of 4. Saint Anthony of Padua is its patron saint which festivity falls on June 13.Baras as seen from Google Maps (click image to enlarge)HistoryCanaman native historian Danilo M. Gerona declares in Canaman Through Four Centuries (2008), the barangay's name came from an ancient Bikol word for a heap of palay accumulated during threshing. One version, according to Jose V. Barrameda in Canaman Through the Centuries (1982) is that it got its name from trunks of Calophyllum inophyllum tree, locally called palo maria, cut into bars or varas in Spanish. Third version as claimed by the locals, Baras is a contraction of "barang." According to Barrameda, the place was the first one glimpsed or discerned from Nueva Caceres, as the result of the massive tree cutting ordered by the colonizers when they attempted to transfer the town center and the original church from Poro to the locality in the 1600s.Before 1780s, Baras was a visita along with Poro, Talidtid and Taculod. It was the gateway of the town to the city of Nueva Caceres. The emergence of these visitas was mainly due to the expansion of farmland around the cabecera. Gerona told, unlike Poro, Baras had a wide and long street made pleasant by numerous plants lining up its stretch. With 80 whole tributes, this visita had 320 inhabitants according to a 1781 report. Aside from the cabezas de barangay, Baras also had an alguacil de bagamundos, Don Sebastian de la Cruz, who was assisted by six bilangos.In 1892, population of Baras was 408. In the census of 1903, it dropped to 371 and in 1918 to 353 total inhabitants. Starting 1939, the population of Baras started growing with 483. Its size doubled into 1,265 in 1975. In the latest 2007 census, the barangay registered 2,311 people.DZRB, ABS-CBN's sister station in the region, was constructed in 1950s in Purok 1. In the following decades, DZGE and DWEB were established becoming the first local radio stations in Bicol. Senator Edmundo B. Cea constructed an entertainment complex along the Philippine National Highway to be known as the Nordia Complex.Region's premiere maritime school put up a sister school in Baras in 1981. Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation started to provide the most advanced education in the maritime field, and began to accommodate further the growing enrollment of Mariners Polytechnic College in Naga which was founded in 1975 by Engr. Jaime C. Jimenez.Joel David S. Abante was elected municipal mayor of Canaman in 2001.EducationBaras has no elementary school however public elementary school can be accessed at Canaman Central School in barangay Dinaga and Haring-San-Agustin-Baras Elementary School in barangay San Agustin. The nearest high school is Sta. Cruz National Highschool located in barangay Sta. Cruz, which is about 1.6 kilometers away. Baras Day Care Center is in Purok 1 with a Day Care worker funded by the barangay with municipal counterpart undertakes day care services to the children aged 3-5 years old.Two institutions provide tertiary education to students from the municipality and other parts of the region. Mariners Polytechnic Colleges Foundation (MPCF) and Aeronautical Academy of...
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