Canal Dela Reina Book Review

Topics: Philippines, Protagonist, Novel Pages: 6 (2362 words) Published: March 1, 2012
(Canal de la Reina by Liwayway Arceo)

The world is composed of different kinds of people. Some people are rich, others are poor. But in most countries majority of the people are the poor.

1. Write about what your feelings are after reading the opening chapter(s) of the book. How do your feelings change after reading half the book? Do you feel any differently after finishing the book? Would you read the book again? When I first read the opening chapters of the novel, I thought that it would be boring because the main character, Caridad De los Angeles, was just looking for a piece of land they own which is located in Canal de la Reina. But when I was in the middle of reading the novel, different issues were revealed and it made me excited to read the next chapters because of the curiosity that I had feel. After I read the novel, I was satisfied and happy because it answered all my questions in my mind regarding the issues and conflicts that I encountered.

2. What emotions did the book invoke: laughter, tears, smiles, anger? Or, was the book just boring and meaningless? Record some of your reactions. The Novel made me smile because at the end, the truth was revealed and justice came to the De los Angeles family regarding their land in Canal de la Reina. It also gave me a little bit of irritation when it comes to the part where Nyora Tentay, the one who claims that she owns a piece of land in Canal de la Reina, used bribery just to protect her illegal doings without thinking of how it will affect to other people.

3. Sometimes books touch you, reminding you of your own life, as part of the larger human experience. Are there connections between the book and your own life? Or, does the book remind you of an event that happened to someone you know? Does the book remind you of what happened in another book you’ve read? When I was reading the novel, one of the main characters, Caridad de los Angeles, reminds me of my Mother. She is an understanding mother to her family. She has a big love and concern to her husband and especially to her son and daughter Leni and Junior. And just like my mother, she is a brave woman and ready to face the problems that she will encounter.

4. Would you like to be one of the characters? Which of the characters would you become, if you could? If there’s something about the character that you’d want to change, what is it? If I have given the chance to become one of the characters, I would say that I want to become Leni, the daughter of Caridad and Salvador De los Angeles; she finished her studies in medicine and currently an intern. She specializes in pediatrics and a very intelligent woman because she is the one who topped the medical board exam. I like her because she is very dedicated to her work and loves her family very much. She is willing to sacrifice everything just to help people who are in need.

5. If you were the author, would you have changed the name of a character, or altered the location of the scene? What does the name mean to you? Do you have a negative connotation associated with the name? What would you name the character instead? What would you use as a setting? Canal de la Reina is really a striking novel. I don’t think I don’t have the right to change the name of the characters, even the location or setting because in every angle that I looked, it really has a meaning and things that shows the truth and reality of life.

6. Does the book leave you with questions you would like to ask?? What are they? Would you like to direct your questions at a particular character? What questions would you like to ask the author of the book? Are they questions that you may be able to answer by reading more about the author’s life and/or works? Many socio-economic issues were seen in the novel. Aside from mediocrity that we encounter, it also shows corruption. Because of the desire of Nyora Tentay on claiming the land in Canal de la Reina, she even used a big...
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