Canadians vs. Americans

Topics: United States, Canada, Country music Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Brittaney Lake
Professor Gomez
English 100
18 October 2010
Canadians vs. Americans
Different countries have different sceneries, languages and have a different ways of living. To some people it is interesting but to others they do not like being in another realm. In A View from Canada, Margaret Atwood gives her view as to differences between Canadians and Americans. Canadians and Americans have different ways focusing on the situations in the world, viewing their country, and acting when they travel to other countries. Who do you think has more of an international outlook; Canadians or Americans? “Canadians… are more international in outlook then Americans are” (82). Atwood remembers back when she read a book called Canada in the World Today that Canada was the mediator between The United States and Britain. They had to have knowledge of what was going on in the world and as a result they have “two radio commentators phoning up just about everyone they can get on the line, anywhere in the world” (82). Americans have an “absence of international news coverage” (82) because they are too involved with what is going on in their own country that they do not have time for other countries news or problems.

Canada and America have different ways of viewing their country. Atwood says that, “Canada sees itself as part of the world” (83) whereas The United States cannot see around the borders inside their country. “The States…has always had a little trouble with games like chess” (83). Since America has borders inside their country, it is hard for them to see America as a whole. Instead, they see themselves as the states being little countries inside a bigger country. Since Canada does not have a lot of people living in their country they see themselves as “a small sinking Titanic squashed between two icebergs, but still inevitably a part” (83). They do not have to be a big country to be a part of the world. Atwood tells us that “politicians [announce] that...
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