Canadian Tire Corporation Report

Topics: Canadian Tire, Retailing, Canadian Tire money Pages: 30 (10245 words) Published: March 30, 2013
November 27, 2012
Business 100, AB Investors
University of the Fraser Valley
SD College
Sector 32C, Chandigarh
Dear Business 100 – XYZ Investors,
We have responded to your request regarding an analysis of the Canadian Tire Corporation and in this report you will find the information about the Company and their recent corporate activity. We have identified various points that will be useful in your decision to invest in this company. We have included information regarding Canadian Tire’s history, the products and services offered by them, and an analysis of the internal and external factors that affect the Corporation’s operations. We have also assessed the critical issues the company is currently facing along with their major implications. In order to see the direction in which the company is head, we also evaluated their vision, mission and long term objectives and strategies, followed by a sound strategy assessment. We have also analysed the company’s marketing strategy in regards to three of the products that they offer and also an overview of the marketing mix pursued by the company in general. We collected data regarding their financials of the past three fiscal years, and checked their sources of capital. Lastly, we have provided conclusions and our recommendations about the company keeping in mind the overall shape of the company’s future operations. We hope that this report guides you in your decision to invest in this company. Sincerely,

Star Investors

November 27, 2012 Written By: George Peary Star Investors BUS 100

This report stems from the request for an in-depth analysis of the Canadian Tire Corporation. Through research and analysis by Star Investors and by using the internet and University of the Fraser Valley databases, we, have created a report in order to assist your decision regarding an investment in the Canadian Tire Corporation.

The Canadian Tire Corporation is one of Canada’s oldest retailers; they recently completed 90 years of service. They have six main product lines, apparel, financing, automotive, fixing, home and living products and sports and playing goods. Canadian Tire is also the country’s largest independent gasoline retailer. The mission statement of the Canadian Tire is “To be the best at what our customers value most.” The company has survived many years in the retail industry in Canada; though recently it has begun to face a few internal issues such as an extremely bureaucratic organizational functioning. Entry of US retain giant Target into Canada in 2013 poses a threat to the company as they will certainly steal some sales of the company. However they are trying to cope up with these challenged through rebranding, new advertising policy, retrofitting stores and by making more similar changes within the organization. The company is well established and its diverse product line has enabled it to become one of the most versatile retailers of the country. The heavy dependence on dealers and lack of a dynamic corporate culture are the biggest weaknesses of the company at this point in time. The company recently acquired The Forzani Group and went on a massive rebranding campaign which has opened new opportunities for the company in future. The corporation has certain long term objectives which include strengthening core retail, aligning all business units to reinforce the core, building a high-performing organization and creating new platforms for growth. Their organizational structure is departmentalized through product and function lines and that enables the company to complete tasks efficiently in order to get products to the market faster. Their Board of Directors comprises of 16 members. Stephen G Wetmore is the CEO of...
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