Canadian Strategy of Economic Development

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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In this article the researchers have used secondary research and they have conducted intrevies and triangulation. They have emphasized that the colonialization has greatly affected the growth of Canada and the people however want a more tradionally and culturally grounded foundation. The indigenous people think that they have right to maintain their political, economics and social systems. The prevailing conditions are very bad as they people have a lot of health and educational problems. The article explain that the Canadian are currently pursuing a strategy of economic development with a social entrepreneurship as their core activity. The paper has in a very sound way defined the problems of the people and what they want. They say that economic development can be achieved by 4 ways first by having greater control of activities on their traditional lands. They should be more self determined and put an end to dependence on self sufficiency. They should preserve and strength their traditional values and apply them in economic development and their should be improved socio-economics circumstances for individuals. The researcher have tried to answer the question whether the indigenous people have the power for economic development. The say that they do have the power and currently followed three broad perspective firstly modernization in which till 1960 they used to follow the path of first world countries but it was useless after 1960 when most of Latin America failed. Second perspective was radical perspective which stated that everything is happening cause of the First world War however both these perspectives when applied in real world were illogical and the results gained from them were also not fruitful. Thirdly was the regulation perspective which is a new approach to development that emphasis contingency. They explained that the world has moved away from the concept of ‘0Invisible hand’ of perfectly functioning market they believe that everyone is working...
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