Canadian Solar Swot

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  • Published : June 5, 2012
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Opportunities| Threats|
* The market for PV solar is growing and very promising, especially Europe and East Asia. * The global concern over clean and renewable energy. * The rising prices of oil. * International incentives, funding from governments to encourage alternate energy sources will create larger demands, namely in Europe, China and Canada. | * Competitors with similar technologies, competitive prices, brand name recognition and market share are viable threats. Most companies compete globally with Canadian Solar. * Threat of alternate renewable energy sources such as wind and geothermal energies. * Threat of falling oil prices. * Global economic stability, if there is a recession the industry will suffer. * National politics, namely large buyers who will favour local production. * Currency exchange rate can affect bottom line profit when competing internationally. | Strengths| Weaknesses|

* Relative costs of manufacturing production and capital are competitive. Canadian Solar quotes prices of $2 to $3 per watt. * Canadian Solar is vertically integrated and holds power over producing most of the components required in the production of a solar module. * Canadian Solar is founded by an expert in the field of the solar technology and does deliver high quality products. * Canadian Solar manufacturing benefits from low cost labour which is a great part of the finished product. * Canadian Solar is ISO9001, ISO:TS 16949 certified * Canadian Solar is able to offer 25 years module output warranty which is a great incentive to purchase in the mind of the consumer * Canadian Solar offers a 6 year product warranty * Canadian Solar products range from residential and commercial roof-tops as well as solar power stations and other on-grid applications. Their products can tailor to many consumers. .| * Geographic manufacturing location is concentrated in China, no other incoming source of production. If the Chinese...
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