Canadian Soft Wood Lumber Econimic Essay

Topics: Canada, United States, Forestry Pages: 4 (1164 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Canadian Softwood Lumber

The Canadian softwood lumber industry is one of Canada’s largest exports, to the united states and many other countries around the world. Many communities in Canada rely on this industry that employs so many Canadians. This is a true Canadian product that affects our economy by its ups and downs in the market, and political battles between the united states and Canada.


Trade impacts the softwood lumber industry in massive amount this was proven when the softwood lumber dispute happened between Canada and the United States. This was one of the largest trade disputes in modern times and effected British Columbia’s economy the most out of all of the provinces. British Columbia is the largest exporter of softwood lumber in Canada, the biggest sector that was hit was the small business sector. There are three different parts of the forestry industry, the logging industry, the wood manufacturing industry and the pulp and paper manufacturing industry. There are other industries that are affected by the forestry industry like the trucking industry. I am writing this report to explain how supply, demand, monopolies and what advantages there are in the softwood lumber industry, I am also going to explain the problems that the softwood lumber industry is facing and how Canada is overcoming them.

What is the softwood lumber industry?
To first know about the softwood lumber industry, you need to know what it is; softwood lumber is lumber that is from coniferous species like pine, spruce, fir and cedar. It is primarily used for construction and made into two by fours for framing, plywood for walls, and it can also be made into flooring. It is also occasionally furniture for with in the home. Most of the homes and buildings build within the United States of America are built with Canadian lumber. With proper conditions softwood lumber is one of the best building materials out there, it is also very appealing...
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