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Canadian/ U.S. Business
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The United States and Canada developed a business interconnectivity between their nations in the early building processes because each country had resources and services that the other country didn’t have. With the introduction of the Industrial Revolution in America, new forms of transportation were created to ship goods across nations. The United States was able to find cheaper labor in Canada, while Canada was able to spread their goods into a larger market.

In 1855, the Canadian-American Reciprocity Treaty was passed between the British North American Provinces of Canada and the United States. Before it was terminated in 1866, it provided free trade for all natural products as well as free access to the St. Lawrence River for United States ships. The treaty allowed Canadians to enter a free market of over 30 million people, while it opened the United States market to the natural exports of Canada, allowing our country to discover wider markets.

The early relationship between the United States and Canada was not an agreement made easy. “In Canada, where, for thirty years, reciprocity had been energetically, at times frantically, sought, enthusiasm had calmed down or was being deliberately suppressed. It was recognized that any move must come from the United States, and there was a certain unwillingness to play once more the part of the unsuccessful suitor” (Glazerbrook, pg. 166) The United States had refused reciprocity when Canada wanted it and there was objections that reciprocity would endanger the imperial relation between the two nations.

Although reciprocity was rejected between the nations in its earliest forms, transportation and communications were vital factors in the foreign relations of Canada during that trade period. Canada’s postal service and telegraph facilities allowed them to form links with other countries. After the industrial revolution, the steam engine invited traffic to follow...
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