Canadian Immigration Policy

Topics: Immigration, Canada, Refugee Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Every year, many people migrate to Canada and stay permanently in the country. These people finally become Canadian citizens. According to the Statistics Canada, immigration has contributed two-thirds of our population growth in the intercensal period of 2001 and 2006(chui). The immigration policy is very important because immigrates are large portion of Canadian population. In the history of Canada, Canadian immigration policy is changed from time to time. It appears that Canada has a broad immigration policy, and basically immigrates are still welcoming people in Canada. For example, “In 1976, the Canadian Government created the Canadian Immigration Act, which decreased discriminatory practices and set clear criteria for immigrants from around the world to apply for entrance to Canada”(Parent). This act is an improvement which provides protection to the refugees. Also, “Between the end of World War II and the beginning of the twenty-first century, Canada has accepted over 700,000 refugees” (Parent). It indicates that Canada still welcome immigrates, and Canada is keep receiving many refugees. The newest events that related to the Canadian immigration positions can be refer to the arrival of Sri Lankan Tamils to the shore of British Columbia. The news from Xinhua net told us the ship MV Sun Sea tried to land in Thailand before it arrived in Canada (zhang). It shows that Canada have softer immigration law, which give refugees more chance to enter Canada than other countries. In conclusion, Canada is providing great opportunity for people who are forced to leave from their own countries. At the same time, Canada is making effort to keep itself as a peacekeeping nation.

Work Cited

Chui, Tina, Kelly Tran and Helene Maheux. “2006 Census: Immigration in Canada: A Portrait of the Foreign-born Population, 2006 Census: Findings”. Statistics Canada. Nov 20, 2009. Mar 6, 2011.
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