Canadian Identity

Topics: Canada, Lower Canada Rebellion, Upper Canada Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Is there a Canadian Identity? Or are we stuck with the Beaver? CHI 4UI
Due: Dec 14 2012

It was questioned if a Canadian identity developed in British North American between the Royal Proclamation (1763) and the Act of Union (1841). There was no constitutional law and people were forced to abide by the BNA act. It was during this time that Canada along with other colonies were under British Rule looking for a hidden identity to proclaim as their own with the intension of it raising their population status. In regards to Canada being put second in the chain of importance it was necessary for there to be an identity unmasked if Canada wanted to stay in the relevance. With the focus being around the War of 1812 and the upper and Lower Canada rebellions it became crucial that in order to prevent another invasion it needed to be recognized in a more positive light instead of the cold, wet place that it was foretold to be.

In 1805 Britain was one of the two military powers in Europe, and France and Napoleon was locked in a twenty- year conflict with Britain, the battle of Trafalgar broke out which caused destruction to the French Fleet. The French support was the reasoning behind the Napoleon war, officials wanted war to prove dominance over colonies showing interest in becoming independent. Europe treated France in a matter which demonstrated that disbanding them would cause controversy; instead they showed their power by not letting colonies trade with Europe, in return Europe would not trade with Britain with Britain having the most powerful navy they were not hesitant to show the existing colonies that if any of them should fall out of line then the resources that they have been acquiring from them are officially cut off. It was Britain relinquishing our rights as neutrals and violating them with that the Americans called war on the British that began the War of 1812. The war of...
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