Canadian History Exam Review

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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History Exam Review

Unit 1

Ultimatum - a demand that one country accept another country’s terms or face war - Austria-Hungary sent Serbia an ultimatum that they did not accept, giving Austria an excuse to enter Serbia - this officially started WWI

Lusitania - a British luxury liner
- it was torpedoed by a German U-boat and brought the U.S. into WW1

War Measures Act - an act that took away the civil rights of all Canadians - placed restrictions on “enemy aliens” during WW1 - made membership to the FLQ a criminal offence during the October Crisis

League of Nations - an organization promoting international co-operation - Canada joined this league as an independent nation - President Woodrow Wilson suggested it be set up to settle future disputes

Vimy Ridge - a high point of land in France
- the location where a battle took place in April1917 - it was Canada’s third major battle in WW1, and everything was plotted carefully and every soldier knew his job

Gas Attack at Ypres
Battle of the Somme
Vimy Ridge
Passchendale - Belgium, October 1917, 16 000 casualties, thousands of soldiers slipped into the mud & drowned

- replacing barbed wire
- repairing and bailing out flooded trenches
- digging and emptying out latrines (toilets)

Triple Entente (The Allies) - France, Britain, Russia
Triple Alliance (Central Powers) - Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary

English - part of Britain empire, so they must go to fight
- wanted victory for England, so that it wouldn’t be taken over by Germany

French - couldn’t afford to send men to war since they need workers on the farm - all officers were English-speaking & they had no British roots

Unit 2

Relief -emergency financial assistance given to people most in need during the Great Depression - kept people from starving
- for many, it was the only prospect of help

Rumrunner - a person who illegally smuggled alcohol through the Canada-US border. - made prohibition harder for the government to enforce - estimated $1 million of liquor crossed from Windsor to Detroit each month

“Five-cent piece” speech - speech made by William Lyon Mackenzie King saying that he would not give 5¢ of relief to any province without a Liberal gov. - Liberals were voted out of office because of this - Prime Minister Bennett took his place and transferred money to the provinces for relief

Winnipeg General Strike - strike where workers protested because they wanted improved working and living conditions - worker unrest came to a head - protest was unsuccessful, and leaders were arrested and sentenced to jail terms

New Deal - program in which to use all government resources to keep the economy going - job’s were provided to Canadians
- a similar program was introduced in the United States

1. Canada’s dependence on Primary products
2. Canada’s dependence on the USA
3. Too much credit buying
4. Too much credit buying of stocks
5. Over-production &...
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