Canadian History Essay

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In the past its been known that the French and English haven’t always gotten along. They’ve shared their differences and have been competitive and selfish with each other since day one. Weather It be for land, power, resources or religion, they never truly saw eye to eye and tried to overtake one another, or simply just separate from each other. There are many events in history that show the rivalrous relationship between the two opposers, and their rivalry’s impact on the world today.

The constitutional act of 1791 was a perfect example of the segregation of the French and English. It was a British law, which changed the government of Quebec to accommodate the many English-speaking settlers, known as the Loyalists, who had arrived from the United States following the American Revolution. Quebec was divided in two. The western half became Upper Canada and the eastern half became Lower Canada. Upper Canada received English law and institutions, while Lower Canada retained French law and institutions, including seigniorial land system, and the Roman Catholic Church’s privileges. Representative governments were established in both colonies with the creation of a Legislative Assembly; Quebec did not have a representative government before. The English obviously got more benefits from this act, however the Act was still problematic for both English and French. The French felt they might be overshadowed by English settlement and increased rights for Protestants, while the new English settlers felt the French still had too much power.

Different Ethnic groups commonly saw themselves respectively as superior. French Canadians commonly believed that the blending of their Catholic faith and rural way of life made them superior to the materialistic English Canadians they were in constant competition with. French-Canadian nationalists sought to isolate themselves from both Europe and English Canada by building...
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