Canadian History 1860's Factors to Confederation

Topics: United States, Canada, North America Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: November 18, 2012
History Essay
There were many factors that brought all the colonies together into a strong nation. They were problems that with confederation could be easily solved. If the British North American colonies did not bring confederation the Americans would dominate over them. So, what are the factors that brought the colonies together and made our country the strong nation it is today? One of the factors is threat of American takeover. After the American civil war when the north won the Canadians were afraid that the Americans would then attack Canada. The Americans also believed that one day they would own all of North America including Canada. This scared the British North American colonies. If there were not to come together they would be dominated by the Americans, but if they came together into confederation they would be a strong country with a larger defence system that could protect them against the US. Trouble with trade was another problem. Britain wanted free trade no taxes. The British North American colonies did not agree. If Britain demanded free trade and no taxes how would the colonies get their money for all the goods that they were producing? The only way to end this is confederation. If they came together as a strong central government they would no longer be controlled by Britain so they wouldn’t be forced into free trade, they could still get profit for their goods. Also the colonies could freely trade with each other because now no longer are they competition they are all part of the same nation working together. The Fenians were a HUGE problem in the 1860’s. The Fenians were Irish American soldiers that were super aggressive. The colonies on their own didn’t have enough defence to protect themselves over the Fenians; they would end up taking over all of the colonies eventually. So they all came together to create a larger defence so that they are stronger and can take over the Fenians, this also intimidated the Fenians because not now do they...
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