Canadian Brew

Topics: Bob and Doug McKenzie, Canada, Rick Moranis Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Canadian Brew

Evan Yusep
Mrs. Woytiuk

People say that Canada lacks a unique identity, but Strange Brew took this opinion as a challenge with its extreme, satirical exaggeration of the stereotypical Canadian. Everything from the language to clothing is a Canadian exaggeration. The plot takes a Canadian pastime, beer, and revolves the story around it. What this really shows is the true identifier for Canadians, the ability to be at the butt end of our own joke. From the toque to the skates and all the Canadian stereotypes in between, scratch Strange Brew and it bleeds red and white.

From the fist moment Bob and Doug McKenzie open their mouths Canadian language rushes out. “Hoser”, “take off”, and “Eh” are just a few of the endless Canadian slangs and saying uses again and again hammering home the distinct Canadian language. Another distinctly Canadian use of language is the acsent they speak with. The lengthening of vowel sounds with the rounding of “O’s” and the flattening of “A’s. Working in combination with the use of the Canadian slang, the character speech becomes saturated with culturally distinct Canadian language. The last uniquely Canadian feature of their language is its personality and how its delivered. Over all the speech is polite and friendly even in the high stress parts of the movie. All of those parts combine make truly, yet lightly exaggerated, Canadian speech.

The plot itself could only be a product of Canada. The instigating factor of the movie is Bob and Doug trying to get free beer. The good old Canadian pastime of drinking beer twisted into the classic story of Hamlit. This combination makes for a truly Canadian product. In the beginning the story is even set in “The Great White North”. The majority of the action takes place in a brewery with the addition of the friendly characters in a story soaked in beer set in the north this is a obviously Canadian story.

The most Canadian thing about this movie is its...
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