Canada in World War 1

Topics: World War I, Canada, Western Front Pages: 3 (1266 words) Published: October 14, 2012
World War I was a time that affected almost ever country or region in the world in one-way or another. The common wealth of Canada was no different. Although not located in Europe where the war was primarily fought, our dominion was still a major contributor to the war effort and fought valiantly in defending the ideals of democracy and a free world. Many of our soldiers lost their lives in various battles throughout the war but without their efforts the war may have swung Germanys way, causing more battles, a longer war, more money and eventually more lives.

On August 4th 1914, England went to war with Germany. As part of the great English empire, our country of Canada was dragged into the war as well. As soon as England declared war, we threw our full-fledged support England’s way. Primarily this meant we provided troops and resources to the war effort. Before World war one began, our army was miniscule and held little power. After war was declared on England however, our army grew by the thousands, as many of our citizens felt obligated to help the motherland. By 1919 a total of six hundred thousand Canadian men and woman participated in the war effort as nurses, soldiers and chaplains, this number does not include the people on the home front who contributed to the war effort. 3

Canada’s first great mark on World War I was at the second battle of Ypres. The 1st Canadian division moved to reinforce the British and allied lines. In April of 1915, the Germans unleashed canisters of poison chlorine gas. Carried by the wind, this gas entered allied trenches forcing retreat and countless deaths. Soon however, we Canadians figured out that by urinating on rags and placing them over our mouths and noses we could overcome the gas and continue the fight. By the time they figured this out there were enormous gaps stretching in the allied lines. Many allies had retreated due to the gas so it was up to our boys in uniform to restring the lines and repel the enemy...
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