Canada in the 1920 and 1930

Topics: Canada, World War I, Maritimes Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Canada and the Twenties CP HW p.48-73
1) The tensions that underlined the Winnipeg General Strike began when all the soldiers came home from Europe and didn’t have a job anymore; this put a lot of women out of their jobs. The pay had also been reduced during the war, which made workers demand for a higher wage from their employer. On top of this many if not all of the war material factories were going out of business. Economic hardship and unfairness erupted into a strike that made Canadian history. 3) Regionalism is the concern of the many regions of the country with their own local problems. An example of this in Canada during the 1920 are when the maritime provinces wanted the Maritime Rights Movement because they found that their influence in national politics was decreasing and that they couldn’t sell their coal (this act only lasted a short time). Another example is when the farmers from the Praises and Ontario were frustrated with the Tariffs that were protecting Canadian Industries by making all foreign goods expensive, but had all there agricultural products sold on the open world market (the farmers wanted free-trade). 4) In 1926 the Progressives asked Mackenzie King to try and set up an old age pension. In 1927 The Old Age Pension Act was passes, this gave $240.00 per year to a person it was not a lot but it was still something and showed that the government was taking part in providing a network of social service for its citizens. 5) The King-Byng Crisis is when Prime Minister King asked Governor General Viscount Byng to call an election but Byng refused to do so because the vote of censure had to be completed first, this infuriated King. Byng eventually had to call an election and King said it to be undemocratic for an official of Britain to refuse to listen to the advice given by a Prime Minister who was elected by Canadian citizens. King ended up winning the election and no other Governor General has ever again not done what the Prime Minister...
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