Canada in 1920's

Topics: 1920s, Democracy, Equality Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: May 8, 2011
Canadian History: 1920’s

The 1920’s were known as the “Roaring Twenties” because industries shifted to peace time production and experienced an economic boom. The people that experienced the “good times” in the 1920’s were predominantly the white males. But other groups weren’t so lucky. There where many issues in this era but the main ones were the injustice and inequality of women, Native People and children. During the 1920’s the Native People were treated unequally and with out justice, due to government policies and practices of assimilation, residential schools and denial of self government. The culture of Canada’s Native People was being cut away by the social policy. The Native People ceremonies had been banned and the children had been taken away to government run schools. These schools tried to assimilate the children by putting a taboo on Native teachings and traditions. The Federal government limited their freedom. Chief Deskadeh of the Six Nations took his case to the new international peacekeeping body – the League of Nations (now UN). “Although embarrassed by the international attention Ottawa refused to give into.” (Hundey) Other Native leaders fought for their rights such as right to vote from the government reservation lands. Many rights were lost due to the stubborn government, but they still continued to fight for their freedom. It was difficult for women in the 1920’s to receive equal treatment, since women were still considered inferior to men. Although women won political rights they were still not recognized by the representative government as persons under the law. For example, women could not hold a seat under the Canadian Senate. Some laws changed but the attitude towards women’s

roles stayed the same. Women were kept back in school, work and politics. It was the same with young girls. Girls did not stay in school as long as boys did. All they learned was about mothering and nursing. Soon more women...
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