Canada's Looming Fiscal Squeeze

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Canada’s Looming Fiscal Squeeze UPdated

the oldest babyboomers reach 65 this year.
in order to avoid a return to the high-debt situation of the mid 1990s, canadians and their governments must soon begin thinking in a systematic and critical way about their long-term fiscal priorities.

By Christopher Ragan
revised version, March 2012


Christopher Ragan: Canada’s Looming Fiscal Squeeze

“True North in Canadian Public Policy”
Board of Directors
Chair: Rob Wildeboer, chairman, Martinrea international inc., Toronto Managing Director: Brian Lee Crowley, former clifford clark visiting economist at Finance canada Secretary: Lincoln Caylor, Partner, Bennett Jones, Toronto Treasurer: Martin MacKinnon, cFo, Black Bull resources inc., halifax; Directors: John Beck, chairman and ceo, aecon construction Ltd., Toronto; Erin Chutter, President and ceo, Puget ventures inc., vancouver; Navjeet (Bob) Dhillon, ceo, Mainstreet equity corp., calgary; Keith Gillam, former ceo of vanBot construction Ltd., Toronto; Wayne Gudbranson, ceo, Branham Group, ottawa; Stanley Hartt, chair, Macquarie capital Markets canada; Les Kom, BMo nesbitt Burns, ottawa; Peter John Nicholson, former President, canadian council of academies, ottawa; Rick Peterson, President, Peterson capital, vancouver; Jacquelyn Thayer Scott, past President & Professor, cape Breton University, sydney. Fasken Martineau, Toronto; Maurice B. Tobin, the Tobin Foundation, Washington dc.

Advisory Council
Purdy Crawford, former ceo, imasco, now counsel at osler hoskins; Jim Dinning, former Treasurer of alberta; Don Drummond, economics advisor to the Td Bank, Matthews Fellow in Global Policy and distinguished visiting scholar at the school of Policy studies at Queen’s University; Brian Flemming, international lawyer, writer and policy advisor; Robert Fulford, former editor of Saturday Night magazine, columnist with the National Post, Toronto; Calvin Helin, aboriginal author and entrepreneur, vancouver; Hon. Jim Peterson, former federal cabinet minister, now a partner at

Research Advisory Board
Janet Ajzenstat, Professor emeritus of Politics, McMaster University; Brian Ferguson, Professor, health care economics, University of Guelph; Jack Granatstein, historian and former head of the canadian War Museum; Patrick James, Professor, University of southern california; Rainer Knopff, Professor of Politics, University of calgary; Larry Martin, George Morris centre, University of Guelph; Christopher Sands, senior Fellow, hudson institute, Washington dc; William Watson, associate Professor of economics, McGill University.

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute exists to:
Initiate and conduct research identifying current and emerging economic and public policy issues facing canadians, including, but not limited to, research into defence and security, foreign policy, immigration, economic and fiscal policy, canada-Us relations, regulatory, regional development, social policy and aboriginal affairs; Investigate and analyse the full range of options for public and private sector responses to the issues identified and to act as a catalyst for informed debate on those options; Communicate the conclusions of its research to a national audience in a clear, non-partisan way; Sponsor or organize conferences, meetings, seminars, lectures, training programs and publications using all media of communication (including, without restriction, the electronic media), for the purposes of achieving these objects; Provide research services on public policy issues, or other facilities, for institutions, corporations, agencies and individuals, including departments and agencies of canadian governments at the federal, provincial, regional and municipal levels, on such terms as may be mutually agreed, provided that...
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