Canada's Geography and History Have Shaped Politics

Topics: Canada, Saskatchewan, Ontario Pages: 5 (1654 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Canada’s geography and historic development have shaped its current political context.  Do you agree or disagree?  Do you think that this has made Canada a more (or less) difficult place to govern?  Please explain.

Canada’s natural resources are distributed and differ along the territory. Therefore there is an uneven distribution of wealth because of the different economic sectors, which fluctuate the prosperity of the territory. Politics focus on the wealthy territories more than others since the transformation of natural resources represent the biggest part of Canada’s GDP which means a better economy. Canada’s Natural Resources

Canada’s geography is very diverse and the location of natural resources and the density of population are positively correlated. Take the St. Laurence river for example, where the historic development of industry has taken place. It is consider a natural transport corridor because it traverses the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario and forms part of the international boundary between Ontario and New York in the United States ( 2012). The river for a long period of time was the only means of transportation and to this day is still the cheapest. The qualities of this area make it so densely populated since opportunity of work and wealth are found here. The dense population of this area that was created because of the river, also coincides with the focus of political party leaders in order to gain votes to win elections. As a result, this becomes a chain; the more naturally gifted the area, the more population and therefore more political importance.        Canada is located in the northern portion of the continent of North America. Its eastern and western boundaries are the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans respectively. The easternmost portion of the country is a riverine and maritime environment, consisting of the provinces of Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. The central portion of the country, in its southern areas, is primarily boreal forest (the provinces of Ontario and Quebec). A section of the country westward from the Great Lakes basin along the southern extent of this forest region is a prairie made up mostly of flat grasslands (in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta). Between the southern Carolinian forest of the central regions of the country lies a region in Ontario and Quebec characterized by numerous lakes and expanses of exposed rock known as the Canadian Shield, an area left exposed after the most recent glacial retreat. ( n.d.) These different eco-zones shapes our different sectors, subsequently this creates various amounts of political issues. Geographically some areas are suitable for planting different commodities such as wheat because of the flat and rich soils . Provinces like Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are leaders in exports Wheat in Canada producing an average of over 25 million tonnes and exporting about 19 million annually. This activity is the most important and the main source of economic GDP. Canada is the world's sixth-largest producer and one of the largest exporters of wheat. Problems arrive when only one economic sector becomes highly important because if for example there is a bad crop season, the economy suffers immensely. Farmers in the Prairies play a significant role in politics of Canada. The vast amount of a single commodity produced creates difficult governing situations for the farmers. Sellers for a long time were able to set unfair wheat prices, because they knew wheat was by far the main activity for Prairie farmers. This unfairly priced commodity created a crisis for the Prairie Provinces.  The government subsequently created a series of boards, each with progressively more power to control trading. There was a condition, however, from the government; the wheat was only going to be sold to the Canadian Board. This made the government a...
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