Canada's Contributions Toward World Peace

Topics: Canada, Peacekeeping, Peace Pages: 4 (1219 words) Published: August 4, 2011
While Canada stopped from publicly joining President Bush’s 2003 coalition of the willing for the invasion of Iraq, it has backed the American government’s occupation of Afghanistan politically, militarily, and through its oil infrastructure in secret. Canada’s participation in NORAD, NATO, and UN peacekeeping missions has decreased since the 1970‘s, when compared to involvement levels of the United States and other Western nations. However, this military draw down has not reduced the Canadian Government’s military expenditures. While many of Canada’s citizens feel its government is different from the United States, we can never forget the political control of the military industrial complex, investment sector, and the oil industry. Similar to many Western governments, the contributions made by Canada’s government towards world peace are contradicted by the actions of its military and economic sector.

Canada once led Cold War era UN peacekeeping efforts, but is currently consolidating “Peacekeeping” initiatives that benefit Canadian national interests. At the height of its commitment, Canada supplied 10% of all troops to the united nation Peacekeeping efforts. A commitment was higher than all other nations at the time. In recent years, Canada has moved the majority of its peacekeeping forces towards NATO lead mission. According to Walter Dorn, “In NATO, the military structure is better defined, the number of troops deployed is larger, the level of support is greater, and partner nations are generally better equipped and trained than in typical UN missions” (as cited in Dorn, 2006, p.16). Canada’s main troop contributions can be found in Afghanistan. Canadian oil companies have followed America in securing new oil fields resulting in exploratory drilling and purchasing of land for possible pipelines in Central Asia. The area’s high level of volatility requires a military presence to suppress violence.

Afghanistan has become one of Canada’s largest areas of...
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