Canada’s Education System Is a Good Example

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Canada’s education system is a good example
anada’s education system has advantages of both British and American education system. It’s accepted and appreciated by people all over the world. It’s a good example to be studied by the other countries. This is because everyone has an equal right for a 12-year-education. That is protected by laws. Everyone is glad and enjoys getting educated. That’s his enjoyment. Everyone is free to have his own choice for everything he want to learn. That’s his freedom.

Irst, Canada’s education system is good because it is equitable. Girls and boys are both able to be seen at school. This is because they have the same right to get knowledge. Education is always feministic. Then, there are people from different races in the school. Whether you are Canadian or not is not important. One can always get the equal education, respect and chance. There are both rich students and ones from middle-class family. Both of them are respected by others. People never love someone only because of his wealth or just ignore anybody who is needy. No wonder he is black and white, no wonder the student is male or female, no wonder he is rich or poor, no wonder he comes from the city or the countryside, a youngster always has the same right as other students. S

econd, school life is enjoyable. One reason there isn’t too much homework to do. All the work is creative. Canadian Education emphasizes on personal creativity and development. Besides that, group work is required in the activities in class. Canadian Education emphasizes on not only personal abilities but also teamwork. The most important one is that school trips give extended experience and more chance to make students understand the project they work on or the subject they study. Canadian learning style is not rigidly adhere to the classroom, it also includes out-of-class part. Enjoyable school life gives us knowledge and ability development at the same time. T

hird, students have...
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