Can I Get You Some Manners with That

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Can I Get You Some Manners With That Opinion.
“I said I want more lettuce on my sandwich, I’m paying for it and paying for you to make it my way.” The lady yelled at my Subway co-worker and

didn’t even look at her in the eyes. Maria, my co-worker didn’t reply but

went back to the prep room. That was one of the cases that I witnessed at

my current job located at Pembroke Lakes Mall. Therefore, when I read the

article “Can I Get You Some Manners with That?” written by Christie

Scotty, I can understand why Scotty feels aggravated and angry at the way

others especially professionals, treat her depending on her position. I

agree with her in every way even when she mentions “Sure, the majority of

customers were pleasant, some even a delight to wait on, but all too often

someone shattered that scene.”

In this article, Christie Scotty expresses that people treat others based

on occupations and their position. “I long ago realized my profession is a

gauge that people use to see how smart or talented I am”, she states.

Being a reporter, the readers treated her very cordially. However, when Civitico 2

she left that job and took as a waitress, plenty of costumers judged her as

were a servant. She says, “Many of my costumers did not get the differenc-

e between server and servant.” In my own experience I have also seen

very rude and impatient people. I have worked at Subway for about half a

year, I have met many kinds of rude costumers. People who think

employees are servants and are lazy and have no morals. I once got

a costumer during my morning shift on a Monday who told me I should be

in school not making subs, she told me I wasn’t going anywhere if I didn’t

go to school and got a low paying job like Subway. I wanted to jump the...
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