Can You Think of Some Reasons Why a Child’s Development May Not Follow the Expected Pattern? (Ref: 022.3.2)

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Can you think of some reasons why a child’s development may not follow the expected pattern? (ref:022.3.2)
A child may not develop is the expected way and at the expected rate for many reasons . For example , disability can affect several areas of development at the same time but early support could help minimise the effects of the disability. This is also where the milestone ‘checks ‘ play a part , as obviously the earlier a problem is detected , the quicker help can be given . Emotional issues will also affect development .If a child is not settled and does not have good attachments to people , they are more likely to have low confidence levels and self esteem. They might not want to try out new tasks , or explore and have a lack of motivation , and children need to be able and willing to do this to progress . Physical development may be effected by genetics , an illness or maybe even an accident . This can mean physical growth difficulties or may be the child could be a slower learner.If a child has an accident which results in a physical problem , they will then have to learn to manage that disability which will put their progression back . Health and diet is also important , and children need a good healthy balanced diet to develop well , both physically and mentally . There are many environmental issues that can also affect child development . These include poverty, a child’s home environment ( where they live , home finances and the structure of their family ). Socially , both poverty and children with separated families , may find that these have negative effects on children’s development or , if a family where both parents ( or the one single parent ) have to work full time , they may not be able to spend as much time together doing activities which will aid a child’s development . Families on a low income may also not provide all the toys and stimulation a child needs to develop at the expected rate . A child with siblings may progress more...
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