Can You Keep a Secret?

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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Can you keep a secret?

By. Kasey Driggers

Where am I? What am I? Who am I? How did I get here? I am asking myself all these questions as I am lost in my own thoughts. I don't know how I got in the place I am now. What has gone on in my mind to make me disobey my mother like I have. Running into different arms of different boys each time she turns around. Am I just seeking attention or is it love that I want to find? This is all so questionable when someone grows up in a fatherless home. I feel like I have fallen away from the person I once was. It all began at the beginning of my Senior year when I had my first real serious relationship. You are probably thinking, wow Senior year and your first serious relationship? You must be ugly, slow, unwanted,or something close to one of those things but no, I am beautiful, there have been people who have wanted to care for me but I wouldn't let them. The number of guys I have turned to for support makes me look like the biggest whore but I'm not. I don't sleep around like the other girls. I have let my mother down and she was afraid to tell my dad because she already knew I was going down a bad path and she didn't want to make it worse, she just tried to warn me and I never listened. I meet the guys I date, online and yes I know it's dangerous but is it such a bad thing? I could go to meet a new guy and that guy be the sweetest guy in the world, this has happened. Then there is a possibility that I could go to meet a new guy and not really know him that well, and that's what I have done. I was confined in a house and I always wished I would have listened to my mother. I would wait at home until my "boyfriend" walked through the door. I had to be very careful not to offend him or do something I know he didn't like. I tried leaving but that seemed impossible. It sickens me to know I have let my life fall this low. I had never been the one to do anything sinful, but getting beaten if you don't do...
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