Can We Talk

Topics: Marriage, Research, Wife Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Can we talk?

Communication 200

Mrs. Tamara Holmes


Adam Thompson

In life there are many researchers that try to find truth to what they are studying. Relationships are one of the most popular things to research. There are many different angles that have been covered over the years with how relationships function. How to predict these types of research can be very misconstrued or have real truth to what they might come up with. Many relationships that are researched are marriages, this will be researched till the end of time. Marriages can be researched in a verity of topics, mostly how to improve or fix the marriages. As I read the article “Can we talk?” I feel as if the research that the author was talking about was true. Communication in a marriage is vital and it has to happen, if it doesn’t then the relationship cannot move forward. I can relate to this article, in my marriage it is not always good or even great. Marriage’s are constantly changing and needs to be worked on every day. I know in my marriage I have to have open lines of communication or things may not go so well. My wife and I sometimes have communication problems and it becomes an all out war between us. My marriage works better when we have communication, when there isn’t as much it seems as if we are two different people. I believe in what this article is saying, because of what the author is saying she researched. "In the (research) literature, as well as for my couples, communication means you're sharing and really getting to know one another"(Nara Schoenberg Chicago Tribune). I feel that when my wife and I speak to each other we can have a smoother life. The author also says to consider speaking together for 10 minutes and have a solid conversation with your spouse or partner. The author also states that the conversation should be about "self-disclosure," or sharing your private feelings, fears, doubts and perceptions with your partner” (Nara Schoenberg...
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