Can We Love Our Battering Father

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  • Published : April 12, 2012
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Can We Love Our Battering Father?
In the essay, “Can We Love Our Battering Fathers?” Helen H. Gordon, the author, creates a vivid image of hopelessness in the family; she brings the experience of her tormented life to the readers mind with reflective writing. This is a reflective essay because throughout this essay she is reflecting back and forth on her life as she chooses a card for father’s day. Throughout this essay she has discussed how negatively her father treated her, her siblings and her mother but in despite of all the terror he created that did not change the fact that he is still her father therefore on each father’s day she has to play the part of a daughter and send him a father’s day card. The real challenge for her was finding a card that expressed her tragic and dreadful experience growing up with a violent and abusive father. The essay starts off with her being in front of the rack of cards and ends off their as well and in between the time where she is choosing the right card for her father she reflects back on the childhood that she had growing up with her abusive father. In the first paragraph she has used a literary illusion to King Lear, she thinks of herself as Cordelia, the daughter of the king. The King states to her daughter “I love you according to my bond”, this statement gives significance of the bond that the father and daughter share which is the blood bond, a bond where the father only loves the daughter out of compulsory duty and not love, passion or emotions. This same literary illusion also appears towards the end of the essay. This literary illusion is an important part of the essay because the statement from King Lear is what defines the whole relationship that her and her father shared. Since the father is the main cause of fear in her life she has explained this by the scaring sounds of her experiences through onomatopoeia, which is the “thumps against the floor” or the “screams in the night” these...
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