Can We Know Something That Has No Yet Been Prove True?

Topics: Sun, Scientific method, Oxygen Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Can we know something that has no yet been prove true?

Yash Dawda

Grade 11

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Can we know something that has no yet been prove true?

In this essay I will talk about things that we know that haven’t been proven true. Yes we can know something that has not been proven true. Many people say that they could prove something that has not been proven true through perception and reasoning. I think those people are right because these are the main ways that we could prove things true. The first thing I want to talk about Is God because it is something that we know is true but cannot be proven. The other topic that I will discuss in this essay is on science. Science is something that we know is true but it needs proof.

No one on earth can see God, you don’t know whether he is next to you or far away from you because we cannot see him or imagine how he looks like. When we need help he doesn’t advise us because he cannot talk. We all wear shorts, T-shirts etc. but we don’t know what God wears because we haven’t seen him. He is not visible like all of us. God is something that we believe exists. It’s not necessary that he is a living thing, God could just be an energy that we think looks like us. Faith is always used as "hope", "trust" or "belief" This is all about faith, many people believe that God exists and this is threw their faith.

Science is knowledge; it builds up our knowledge in terms of explanation and predictions about everything in the universe. Science could be explained logically and rationally. Over the past hundreds of years scientists have discovered millions of things e.g. the ozone layer, the earth is round etc. Scientists tell us that the ozone layer is one of the most important layer around the earth because it protects us from heat and also because it absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Scientists found this out after the invention of a ozone –measuring machine....
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