Can Terrorism Be Justified

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Hon. Francis M. Roache Police Commissioner Boston Police Department 154 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116 Dear Commissioner Roache:

September 15, 1992

Neighborhood Policing: A Plan of Action for the Boston Police Department provides a framework, schedule, and list

of tasks for converting all operations of the BPD to the practice of Neighborhood Policing, while meeting the basic need of the citizens of Boston for reliable, rapid response to emergency calls for service. The intent and primary focus of the plan is to identify the internal actions that must be taken to better position the Department to work in partnership with the neighborhoods of the City of Boston. Crucial to the success of this effort is development of police officers as society's leading problem solvers in the drive to free every neighborhood from crime, disorder, and fear. Consequently, this Plan of Action focuses on readying the Department's infrastructure to support a fully functional partnership with citizens who are determined to strengthen the communities where they live and work. The next twelve months are the period of transition. During this period the organization's needs (defined in this report) for equipment, technology, and training will be addressed. The BPD's structure will be reorganized both to decentralize decision making and to ensure new standards of accountability. A systematic, integrated partnership between the public, police, and other agencies will be developed through a planning process that will select and rank problems to be solved, prevent new problems from arising, and define measures for success. And Neighborhood Policing will begin to be implemented in and around a number of neighborhood business districts around the city. All the tasks that must be performed in the next year will require a highly cooperative and collaborative relationship with our unions, the academic institutions in and around Boston, and the private and public sector. Full implementation of the new policing strategy will depend on hiring enough officers to staff all the beats and sectors that will be delineated in the next four months by Area and District Commanders working with the citizens they serve. Neighborhood Policing: A Plan of Action for the Boston Police Department is rhe result of a thorough self-assessment

conducted by task forces comprised of officers representing our major unions, the Boston Management Consortium, other outside consultants and academic experts, and by officers from every rank and most major units. A representative sample of these (26%) participated in the Department-wide, anonymous, voluntary survey sent to every sworn member of the BPD. We found great strengths — particularly in the BPD's long tradition of neighborhood service, its successful experiences with a variety of neighborhood-oriented programs, its wide network of community contacts, and the dedication of its personnel. The Plan of Action builds on these strengths.

Raymond L. Flynn, Mayor/POLICE DEPARTMENT/154 Berkeley Street 02116

Hon. Francis M. Roache September^, 1992 Page 2

We also found deficits — in equipment, technology, training, and a disparity between the readiness of officers to embrace the tenets of Neighborhood Policing and their perception that the media and the residents of the city do not understand or appreciate their efforts. The Plan of Action describes how these problems will be addressed. As you know, the most serious obstacle confronting full implementation of Neighborhood Policing in Boston is the current inability of the city to hire more police officers to meet citizen demands and expectations. Nevertheless, we will press forward aggressively and on all fronts to transform the basic operations of the Department to support Neighborhood Policing while we implement it wherever staffing allows. Neighborhood Policing is an...
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