Can Technology Play a Role in Childhood Fitness

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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DAVID AMENDE English Composition II Michael Fournier 4/7/2010

Can technology play a positive role in childhood fitness . I think that technology has a big role to play in childhood fitness. When I was a child we had to go outside and play. We had to use our minds and bodies to have fun. Since the ease of access to video games, television and the internet childhood obesity has risen. Something must be done to remedy this.

One third of the population of children are considered obese. These numbers have tripled over the last 30 years. That speaks for itself. Video games have been around for nearly that long. The recommendation is to turn the problem into a solution - give children an activity they WANT TO DO, NOT HAVE TO DO. Today's younger generation is "hard wired to technology", so take advantage of this fact. Several entrepreneurs have developed new technologies that combine physical activity, technology, and learning that "appeal" to this Generation Z and they are demonstrating promising results.

The USA is facing an obesity crisis so large that for the first time in history, this generation of children may have a life span that does not exceed that of its parents. Simultaneously, the gaming industry has introduced a form of video gaming (e.g. Nintendo Wii) that requires the participant to be physically involved in the game. For example, a live player will have a tennis racquet that he/she swings to compete with a virtual opponent on screen. This form of entertainment has been termed "exergaming."( Exergaming: virtual inspiration, real perspiration Klein, Matthew J; Simmers, Christina S. Young Consumers 10. 1 (2009): 35-45.)...
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