Can Success Be Disastrous

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  • Published : April 22, 2008
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The question, “Can success be disastrous” suggests that success is not as admirable as we intend it to be. In other words, there is no need of working hard because it will only lead to more work for you to do. In my opinion this is false. Throughout society and in life, the evidence to support my viewpoint is pervasive.

Consider the case of “Of mice and men” by Charles Williams on the small island of Barbados in 1943. George and Lennie are two men searching for a job, and when they get there, they meet friends and receive a new home. Though they do not get along with everyone, they do enjoy the rest of their company. George and Lennie both reached their goal in finding a job which only opened them to find new friendships that outweigh the few enemies.

Another example is seen constantly on the news dealing with individuals from ten to seventy years of age. Bank robberies are a common felon that is seen worldwide no matter what age, race, or sex. Unfortunately there are some individuals that believe that they will, be better of if they steal things from the people ehwo are hardworking. Although a few many escape, most end up going to jail. My point is that if they worked hard and didn’t try to take the easy way out, then they would be more successful.

As a final vivid example, look to Oprah Winfrey, a Chicagoan talk show host that is worth over a billion dollars. Oprah has numerous houses and has helped millions of people worldwide find necessities such as food, homes, and clothing. Since she worked so hard, she is able to support her family, pets and still have money left over to help others. Oprah is obviously success, and no by cheating her way in life, but by working hard and she has positively influenced the world.

Clearly the above examples prove that success isn’t disastrous. Oprah has improved her life and the lives of millions of other individuals. Although it may be hard work to reach your goal, you will understand like George...
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