Can Someone Make a Difference in the Criminal Justice and How

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Does it only take one person to make a difference in a huge and complex system? I believe it does. “Lead by example” is a motto that can greatly help change and impact our Criminal Justice System. By setting the example for our peers of how professionalism, integrity, and work ethics are vital in the performance of any career, one can be the exemplary employee. By doing so, one can inspire others and motivate them to follow thus, creating another exemplary employee. It’s like a never-ending chain that can continue to grow creating more extraordinary employees and leaders that can bring change to any system or organization. We are all leaders in some form or way. As we know leadership is an art because it can continually be improved. There is no perfection but only near perfection.

If you look back in history of how our Criminal Justice System was, and how our Criminal Justice is today, What are the first differences that come to mind? Is it how a vast majority of laws have been established since common law in colonial America? or how police officers have changed since the Bow Street Runners? Well all these changes are testimony that one idea, from one individual were good enough to make an impact on an entire system. For example, the father of modern policing, Sir Robert Peel, set the principles of policing that to this day are the best principles in law enforcement. August Vollmer, the pioneer of police professionalism and futuristic thinker was another individual that brought change to a complex system. They are evidence that one strong willed individual can and will make a difference in any complex system no matter how big or how complex.

I believe I can contribute to our Criminal Justice System by giving back to the community that shaped who I am today and who I will be in the future. By giving back, such as helping the community succeed by either motivating kids to stay in school, supporting after school programs that can help our kids prepare for...
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