Can Religious and Political Groups Combine

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Running Head: Can Religious and Political Groups Combine?page 1

Denise Rodriguez
Can Religious and Political Groups Combine?
Eng 122 Composition II
Instructor Schmidt



I. The balance of politics and spiritual groups
i. Can Spiritual groups and politics be combined?
ii. Can politics and spiritual groups balance together?

II. The combination of political and religious groups.
i. How politics can affect a congregation?
ii. Politician and pastor relationship.

III. Affects of politics against religion
iii. Law passing religions are against.
iv. Politics advocates don’t have the same meaning as religious groups. IV. Conclusion
i. Reason for political and religious groups can combine.

Running Head: Can Religious and Political GroupsCombine? page3

Organized religious groups can be political advocates as well as tend to spiritual needs of people. There is a possibility that they will strike a balance. Religion is a way of life, a cultural behavior. People work in their churches and live through the laws of the practice. Political advocate is the act of pleading or arguing a case or a position; forceful persuasion (The Fee Dictionary, Farlex, 2013). Politics and religion are equally influential. It will be possible for the two to strike a balance and cannot be combined. Christian Cultural Center (CCC) on several Sunday’s there has been several visits from different political parties. Mayor Bloomberg has visited the church on many occasions. CCC is a spiritual environment where people go to learn the word of God. Pastor A.R Bernard stated in the daily news blog. “I’m not driven by political ambitions. It would be motivated by my love and concern for this city. I have 35,000 members who will be impacted by whatever happens,” The effects of his candidacy in the...
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