Can Racism Be Managed Away

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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One of the main problems the whole world has been facing is racism. Racism is everywhere be it, workplace, shopping complex, parks, banks, schools and the list goes on. Racism has been the barrier to the formation of a united society around the globe. It takes away peace and harmony in a society and causes a lot of destructions to the development of the world. We are assumed to be living in the age of advanced civilization. Civilisation and racism are two different things that don’t mix together. However, how does racism still exist in today’s civilized society? Are we civilized enough to be called a civilized society? In order to create a complete civilized society, we have to manage away racism and embrace diversity. Before we discuss further on how to manage away racism, let us first understand the meaning of racism. “Racism is defined as an individual’s discriminatory behavior and prejudicial attitude toward people of a certain race or institutional practices (whether motivated by prejudice or not) that subordinate a certain race’s people.” (Myers, 1993 ) Racism can be managed away if everyone takes the responsibility to do it. Everyone has to play a role in creating a harmony environment in a multicultural society. One of the ways to confront racism is by promoting respect to people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and races. Race prejudice is a widespread social disease that has been an obstacle in promoting respect. The belief that one race is superior to another has lead to racial prejudice in societies. Everyday, racist jokes are flying around, these jokes may be funny to some but it hurts and threatens those who the jokes are pointed to. Racism starts with these little jokes and end up in fights and wars. In order to stop race prejudice, we should focus on understanding different races’ ideology and learn to give respect to everyone regardless of their skin colour, race, ethnic origin and culture. Race prejudice can be eliminated if every society stops making irrational judgements on other society of different races. We should treat everyone the same way we would like to be treated. Education has a great potential power in solving racism problem. One of the reasons why racism still exists is lack of knowledge about variety of cultures and races. In today’s education system, much focus is given on subjects that develop intelligence such as science subjects, maths, language subjects and etc. Less focus or none is given to subjects that build character such as moral studies and religion studies. Students nowadays are unaware of racism problem that has been a barrier for them from mixing with students of different races. They are not given much opportunity to understand the diverse cultures of the world. As a result, they would face problems when they have to mingle and socialize in a multicultural environment. Moreover, they would find it hard to work together with colleagues of different races when they are given group projects. Hence, the education system must be improved and students should be taught to understand and respect the myriad races and cultures around the globe. Chris Hampton and Kian Lee (n.d) argue that schools should “include anti-racism education in the school’s curriculum.” Schools should prepare students for real-world jobs where they have to work with colleagues and interact with clients of different races. Neighbours are the closest people who we can share our problems and worries. They are the ones who would give us a helping hand when we are in a trouble. It’s sad to say that in some neighbourhoods these days, racism still exists. Racism could break the friendly

bonds and lead to fights and quarrels between neighbours. According to an article on The Community Tool Box, Chris Hampton and Kien Lee argue that forming a committee to welcome and help new neighbours who move in can reduce racism in neighbourhood. The residents of the neighbourhood should be friendly to any...
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